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Paul Langhorst

Effective Management Strategies for Youth Sports Leaders - Get the Free Book Now

By Paul Langhorst on 3/8/2016

If you are new to managing a youth sports organization or a veteran, implementing effective management strategies and techniques is essential to operating and growing your organization.  Volunteer leaders often feel overwhelmed given work and other life commitments. A youth sports leader may wear many hats: leader, finance wizard, grounds crew, weather forecaster, cook and peacemaker - all in the same day. As online sports management service providers, we feel your pain. Let us help you through the process with our aptly named free ebook "Effective Management Strategies for Youth Sports Leaders.”


Youth Sports Participation Statistics and Trends:

By Paul Langhorst on 3/8/2016

Youth sports participation statistics compiled since 2009 show significant losses and gains across a wide spectrum of sports.  The best available data stems from a multi year tracking study done by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association from 2009 to 2014 which is presented and discussed herein. 


How to Make a Sports Website Rank Higher in Google

By Paul Langhorst on 3/3/2016

SEO tips for sports website managerIf you manage a youth sports website, one question you may have is how to make your youth sports website rank higher in Google.  You are not alone! The process of improving a sports website ranking is called SEO, or search engine optimization.  SEO is most commonly associated with business and eCommerce websites, however youth sports organization can benefit from improved website ranking by following the following SEO tips for youth sports webmasters.  


Is Youth Baseball Too Boring for Today's Kids?

By Paul Langhorst on 2/22/2016
How to make baseball less boringYouth baseball is losing young players and some feel that it is because youth baseball is too boring for today's kids. Nationally youth baseball participation has declined 4.3% from 2009 to 2014, according to a tracking study by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SIFA).  Contrasted with tackle football, which has declined a whopping 17.9% over the same period, baseball's decline looks comparably shallow. Football with its concussion and injury issues is perhaps more understandable, but baseball? Our national pastime?  Why would youth baseball show such a decline?  Is the pace of play and nature of the game turning kids off?  

3 Quick Fixes to Improve your Youth Sports Website

By Paul Langhorst on 2/11/2016
steps to improve sports websiteA youth sports website should undergo a major refresh every 2 to 4 years so use these 3 simple steps to improve your sports website in between those big refreshes.  OK! Ready, set, go...

Youth Sports Data and Participation Resources

By Paul Langhorst on 2/7/2016
The following is a summary of some of the best youth sports data and participation resources.  Youth sports is facing many internal and external issues and these reports and articles help tell the story.  If you are researching youth sports statistics our list of youth sports data sources is great place to start.

Background Checks in Youth Sports- Nationwide Survey Results

By Paul Langhorst on 1/27/2016

background check info for coachesToday's headlines are filled with instances of youth sports coaches, board members and volunteers, committing crimes. The charges include sexual misconduct with players and parents, financial theft, equipment theft, battery and other crimes.  Many youth sports organizations are turning to background checks to prevent criminal behavior before it happens.  This post reveals the results of a nationwide survey of over 1,400 youth sports leaders and the degree to which background checks are being implemented, on which personnel and their perceived level of effectiveness.  


Why Coaches Should Act Like CEOs Who Treat Parents Like Customers, Not Shareholders

By Paul Langhorst on 1/26/2016

what makes a great youth sports coach?Bob Cook, a youth sports contributor for Forbes, penned a recent article, Why A Coach Is A CEO that Should Treat Parents As Shareholders, in which he suggests that youth sports coaches should act more like CEO’s focusing on shareholder return versus unaccountable tyrants. I believe Cook focuses too much on the shareholder concept and not the other traits of great CEOs which are more applicable to youth sports coaching. This article highlights traits of great CEOs which are also traits of great sports coaches. 



8 Tips for Creating League and Tournament Schedules

By Paul Langhorst on 1/19/2016

online tournament scheduling systemSeeking help in creating a youth sports league or tournament schedule? You are not alone. Creating a game schedule that works for everyone’s needs is often a very difficult task. League scheduling is made more complex by conditions such field availability, time limitations, field lighting, blackout dates, division balance, rest requirements and much more. While you may feel like punting the schedule process to someone else, here are 8 sports schedule development tips that will help you keep your sanity and produce a great schedule.


Youth Sports Associations Struggle to Recover from Flood Damage

By Paul Langhorst on 1/10/2016

Kirkwood athletic association flood damageYouth sports association, leagues and municipal recreation programs are struggling to recover form record breaking floods that hit the Midwest in December.  Heavy rains that soaked the region for days causing rivers, creeks and drainage systems to flood. Youth sports organizations with outdoor sports programs rely on flat open ground for fields and that ground is often found in flood plain areas.  While ideal for playing fields, such geographic placement is a double edge sword; the ground is cheap as business and homes typically avoid it, but the low-lying ground is prone to frequent flooding



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