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Why Coaches Should Act Like CEOs Who Treat Parents Like Customers, Not Shareholders

By Paul Langhorst on 1/26/2016

what makes a great youth sports coach?Bob Cook, a youth sports contributor for Forbes, penned a recent article, Why A Coach Is A CEO that Should Treat Parents As Shareholders, in which he suggests that youth sports coaches should act more like CEO’s focusing on shareholder return versus unaccountable tyrants. I believe Cook focuses too much on the shareholder concept and not the other traits of great CEOs which are more applicable to youth sports coaching. This article highlights traits of great CEOs which are also traits of great sports coaches. 



8 Tips for Creating League and Tournament Schedules

By Paul Langhorst on 1/19/2016

online tournament scheduling systemSeeking help in creating a youth sports league or tournament schedule? You are not alone. Creating a game schedule that works for everyone’s needs is often a very difficult task. League scheduling is made more complex by conditions such field availability, time limitations, field lighting, blackout dates, division balance, rest requirements and much more. While you may feel like punting the schedule process to someone else, here are 8 sports schedule development tips that will help you keep your sanity and produce a great schedule.


Youth Sports Associations Struggle to Recover from Flood Damage

By Paul Langhorst on 1/10/2016

Kirkwood athletic association flood damageYouth sports association, leagues and municipal recreation programs are struggling to recover form record breaking floods that hit the Midwest in December.  Heavy rains that soaked the region for days causing rivers, creeks and drainage systems to flood. Youth sports organizations with outdoor sports programs rely on flat open ground for fields and that ground is often found in flood plain areas.  While ideal for playing fields, such geographic placement is a double edge sword; the ground is cheap as business and homes typically avoid it, but the low-lying ground is prone to frequent flooding


8 Steps to Youth Sports PR Crisis Management

By Paul Langhorst on 1/4/2016
Youth sports sex assualt headlineHanding a PR Crisis well is no accident.  Should your youth sports organization be hit by a crisis, by following these 8 Steps to PR Crisis Management, your overall response will be more prepared and professional. Step #1, Plan Ahead, is the most important.  As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. If you are running background checks, have solid financial controls in place, and are looking for problems before they happen, you may still have some damage to your organization's reputation but it will be minimized by your planning and professional response.  So now know Step 1 Plan Ahead...let's look at the rest..

6 Tips for the New Youth Sports Director

By Paul Langhorst on 12/16/2015

Sports association management resourcesLearn first-hand observations of a newly elected youth sports association board president on what it's like to take the reins of a youth sports organization.  Learn the importance of getting your family on board, seeking input from past presidents, understanding the history of your organization and tips on scheduling meeting and a host of other nuggets of information that will make your task as the new president or director of a youth sports organization - an easier path to follow.


9 Best Practices for Improving Athletic Association Financial Controls

By Paul Langhorst on 11/10/2015

check handling best practicesImproving the check acceptance process is a goal for many athletic associations and leagues. Here at Engage Sports, we find that “pay-by-check” is still a significant part of the registration process; in some cases it is the only method of payment used, while in others, mixed payments (credit cards and checks) are accepted for either the entire registration process or parts (work duty deposit). While checks have been accepted for years, they require special care and attention.  Recently we spoke with our friends at Fuse Financial Partners to learn more about preventing fraud and abuse when accepting checks.  Let's get started...


8 Tips for the New Sports Association Technology Director

By Paul Langhorst on 10/29/2015
New tech director tipsSo you are the new technical director or webmaster for your local youth sports association and are looking for tips on how to improve your youth sports administration. If you work in information technology in your real job, you are a step ahead of those who may just have general internet and word processing skills. This article is written for the novice and those with limited experience in managing websites, databases, and other systems.  But even tech veterans may pick up a point or two!  Let’s get started…

8 Ways to Save Time When Managing a Sports Association

By Paul Langhorst on 10/21/2015

Are you a stressed out, busy volunteer running a sports association? Help is on the way! You can improve your management process and save your sanity by following these 8 Time-Saving Ways that will keep you better organized, reduce your stress level, and get more input and involvement from others. Let's get started...



Tips to Improve Online Sports Registration - Avoid These Common Complaints

By Paul Langhorst on 10/14/2015

Know your customer! That's the first rule of marketing and customer service. In youth sports, the "customer" most often is the parent or guardian of theTips for Sports Registration Improvement player. Customers can also include coaches, teams from other areas, and the community members at large. At Engage Sports we hear from frustrated sports administrators and parents every day as we work to improve the online registration processes of youth sports associations across the country. Here are some of the most common complaints made by frustrated parents:


Social Media Tips for Youth Sports Leaders

By Paul Langhorst on 9/17/2015

As a youth sports leaders, whether coach or association director, social media your best aid communication and promotional aid. Social media is how busySocial Media for Youth Sports people now stay connected and up-to-date.  Social media can help manage your team, recruiting players, keep parents up-to-date, share your success, and keep player and parents alike, motivated and engaged.  Each social media tool has its unique position and should be used like layers of a cake when baking up your overall communications plan. Here are tips to make your use of social media in coaching more productive.



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