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Chad Estes

Proper Breathing Techniques – Performance Tool or a Bunch of Hot Air?

By Chad Estes on 12/10/2015

This article will share techniques to improve breathing habits, which will benefit the youth sports and adult athlete alike.  Most athletes are unaware of their breathing patterns, except for when they are ‘sucking air’ at the end of conditioning drills. Periods of fatigue shouldn’t be the only time they pay attention to it.  Athletes and coaches should be aware of proper breathing through all of practice, following these techniques will ensure proper breathing throughout practice and games.


Youth Sports Conditioning: Weeding Out the Dysfunction in Movement

By Chad Estes on 11/12/2015

Youth sports conditioning tipsWithout good movement skill, one will never become athletic.  Without being athletic, one will never be a great athlete.   What we learned as children serves as the foundation on which we build everything else.  If a kid can’t crawl well, why do we think that when we add speed or load when they are standing that those limitations are going to disappear?  Guess what – they won’t!  Training inefficient movement patters will lead to injury.  Use the instructions and images in this article as a guideline to help your players ‘weed out’ any dysfunction that exists in their movement repertoire. 


4 Critical Conditioning Movements for Youth Athletes

By Chad Estes on 10/30/2015
appropriate exercises for young athletesIf your goal or challenge is to improve the athletic ability of young athletes, focus on improving movement – not muscles – for the best results. The brain doesn’t think about turning ‘on’ individual muscles, but rather works in terms of activating ‘movement patterns’.  In fact, the brain doesn’t care how it gets from ‘A’ to ‘B’, just that it gets from ‘A’ to ‘B’ – often times at the expense of the integrity of our joints.  This blog post focuses on helping coaches and trainers develop quality, non-dysfunctional movement patterns. Following these simple techniques will help kids get more enjoyment and results from exercise. Let's get started...


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