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Help Converting from Paper to Online Sports Registration

By Paul Langhorst on 9/1/2015

If your youth sports athletic association or league is looking for help on how to convert from paper to an online registration system, you are not alone.  Many associations are still running on paper, yet in today's online world there is little reason for leagues and associations to rely on paper based registrations.  Given that most associations and leagues are staffed by volunteers whose time is precious, anything that can be done to minimize their work load is a huge plus.  The annual team and player registration cycle is one of the most demanding workloads on association staff and therefore an ideal target for optimization.  


5 Critical Tips for Improving Sports Association Website Design

By Paul Langhorst on 8/19/2015

Improving sports association website design can boil down to focusing on just a few critical design elements.  To help sports association and league administrators improve their website design, here are 5 critical mistakes in sport association website design that should be avoided at all cost.    



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