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Heat-Related Illnesses, How to Prepare, Recognize Signs and Take Action to Keep Our Young Athletes Safe

By Engage Sports on 7/31/2019
As the new school year approaches that means the start of practice for our High School and youth fall sports.  With the scorching temperatures we have been facing it is more important than ever to educate coaches, parents and all athletes about heat preparedness before they take the field.  Be proactive in your awareness!

How to recruit the help you need for your Youth Sports Association?

By Engage Sports on 5/1/2019

We are seeing a decline in today's parents willingness to help. If parents don’t know about your needs, the different opportunities or feel welcome, then the chance of them volunteering are slim to none. So how do we get them out of their chair and on the front lines?

Here are six tips on how to position your association to get the help you need to create a strong and sustainable association:


Getting the next generation of young parents to step up to the plate.

By Engage Sports on 4/18/2019
We are seeing a decline in youth sports participation.  But even more so in those participants parents as coaches and volunteers.  At specific ages we see children leaving sports but we are seeing a decline in this current generation of millennials that are becoming parents and not offering their time to help volunteer or run our local youth sports programs.  Majoring of these associations are community based and volunteer run with little to no budgets. Every penny has to be spent on needs not wants.  So paying for help is not always an option.

Cyberbullying: What You Need to Know to Keep Kids Safe Online and Off

By Engage Sports on 12/1/2017

Image via Unsplash

Cyberbullying: What You Need to Know to Keep Kids Safe Online and Off

For parents who experienced bullying as getting cornered in the hallway or a black eye on the playground, it may be hard to understand how online teasing amounts to abuse. But cyberbullying is so much more than unkind words said online.


How To Help A Child With Anxiety Cope With A Big Change

By Engage Sports on 8/8/2017

Photo via Pixabay by KHeinz

Adolescent anxiety can strike at a pretty young age, although it can be difficult to discern in a child who can’t express his emotions enough to tell you what’s going on. It can cause physical distress, depression, and mood swings that sometimes look like something else, meaning the anxiety goes undiagnosed. If your child has recently begun experiencing these changes--or if he’s been diagnosed with anxiety--and your family is about to undergo a big change, it’s important to know some ways to help minimize the triggers and help your child learn to cope with those feelings.

 Often, kids don’t experience anxiety until they hit puberty; all those hormones and changes can cause quite an uproar mentally, emotionally, and physically. However, big changes such as a move, switching schools or teachers, a divorce, or a death in the family can lead to feelings of anxiety that may be expressed as anger or sadness.

 One of the first steps in helping your child is to make sure he feels supported. Let him know that anxiety is common, even in young people, and that there are many ways you can work together to figure out how to deal with those feelings when they arrive.


Youth Sports: Still Failing Our Kids - How to Really Fix It

By Engage Sports on 5/16/2017

Youth Sports Still Failing Our KidsBob Bigelow, former college and NBA player, has advocated for youth sports reform for over 25 years, conducting hundreds of community talks, and making numerous conference and media appearances since 1990. He co-authored Just Let the Kids Play (2001), the first book to identify that youth sports “systems” are the root cause of the many problems children face in simply enjoying and learning as they grow. This first book offered practical ways to restructure youth programs to better serve the physical and emotional needs of children. Bob’s recommendations included limiting (and even eliminating) elite traveling teams at young ages, promoting equal playing time, creating team parity, implementing shorter seasons to avoid burnout and overuse injuries, playing multiple sports for better long-term athletic development, recognizing some kids are later bloomers who shouldn’t get left out, and improving coach training and parent education. Bob also introduced his unique “Recess Model&rdqu ...


Falcons Lacrosse

By Engage Sports on 4/20/2015

Falcons Lacrosse started with a free website template and where trying to get their banking institution to work with the website to allow for online registration and payment.  But could not get the two to work well together in order to create the experience they wanted.


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