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Rich Campbell

Juggling After-School Activities: A Guide for Parents

By Rich Campbell on 9/27/2016

tournament management best practicesWhile parents want their children to be well-rounded individuals and try to provide as many opportunities for them as they can, it can be more than a little tricky to juggle everyone’s schedules and after-school activities. Between sports and other extracurricular activities, dinner, housework, homework, bath, and bedtime, parents and children rarely have time for anything else, and sometimes they don’t even have time for all of that. If you’re searching for an answer to the after-school juggling routine, you may find some of our tips helpful for making it all work.


The Rise of the Mobile Web and Why it Matters for Youth Sports

By Rich Campbell on 1/27/2016
Is your sports website optimized for mobile?

website on mobileBetter yet, is it responsive? Given the growth of the mobile web, responsive web design is a best practice that helps you provide users with an optimal experience, regardless of whether they are browsing your site on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.


What's new in release 4.2

By Rich Campbell on 5/20/2015

version 4.2

In release 4.2, we've added several fixes and improvements - namely to the Broadcast tool.

For how-to articles about the new tools, please visit our knowledge base

What's new in release 4.0

By Rich Campbell on 12/18/2014
Engage Sports 4.0

Over the past month, we've worked hard on improving our Broadcast/Alerts tool. Now simply called "Broadcast," you now have one unified place to send all messaging to your customers. Last month we launched tournament brackets and now we give you the bracket building tool, allowing you to build your own tournament end-to-end.

Engage Sports Welcomes Incarnate Word Academy Basketball

By Rich Campbell on 7/5/2011

Engage Sports welcomes Incarnate Word Academy Basketball to our growing family of customers.The IWA Red Knights Women's Basketball team are the defending Missouri 2010-11 State Champions.


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