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Listing of Youth Sports Tournament Locator/Finder Websites

By Paul Langhorst on 3/28/2016

When looking for a listing of youth sports tournaments, the easiest thing to do is start with an internet search. There are two main types of tournament locator sites:  multi-sport sites and single sport sites.  The multi-sport sites allow the user to select a sport from a drop down menu and enter other factors such as age group, state or miles from a given point. Many multi-sport sites are those of governing bodies, such as USSSA - the Unites States Specialty Sports Association, while other multi-sport search sites are independent sites. Single sport locator sites are just that, they only source tournaments for a given sport across a geographic area. Some single sport tournament sites cover a specific region, i.e. Midwest, while others cover the entire country. 

Search tips: When conducting a youth sports tournament search, narrow your search by using a "long tail" keyword entry. For example, if you are looking for 12U baseball tournaments in a given state or city, add that to your search term:  "12U baseball tournaments in Nashville 2016." The more specific your search criteria, the more targeted the results. In fact, type the way you would say it as Google is now optimized to recognize human speech, so typing like you talk is a good thing! I also recommend adding the date to help eliminate out of date tournament listings.  If you only want to find tournaments sanctioned by a specific governing body, it is best to go directly to their site and use their tournament locator.

Note: There are many "tournament finder" sites whose main purpose is to generate revenue for the owner by sell pay-per-click advertising. These sites can be light light on tournaments and heavy on ads and can therefore be frustrating as they clog up your search efforts with less than helpful service.

To help with your search we have complied a listing of youth sports tournament locators for your convenience. Please bookmark this site as we will continue to add quality youth sports tournament locators as we find them.


Independent Multi-Sport Tournament Locators

These sites, which are not aligned with a governing body, allow the visitor to enter their desired sport and have a list of tournaments returned.  





Youth Baseball Tournaments




Youth Softball Tournaments






Youth Basketball Tournaments






Youth Football Tournaments



Youth Lacrosse Tournaments




Youth Soccer Tournaments

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