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Recent Updates to the Engage Sports platform

By Kristen Palm on 8/4/2023

As software developers, it is critically important to continually update the products our customers are using. Below are the latest release notes for Engage AMS, Engage Sports, and Faith Enroll.

7/20/23 - 8.1 Version: Release Notes

New Features Added:

  1. Added ability for all form field labels within the custom form builder to be editable
  2. Added more functionality to support multilingual sites, specifically with the ability to translate HTML modules, modules titles, and page titles. 

Issues Resolved:

  1. When sorting a report, the screen would produce a blank page.
  2. During membership renewal, group memberships would be extended before payment was remitted.
  3. Admin-only - when turning on or off registration steps, the system was not honoring the selections.
  4. Admin-only - in the dashboard, the dropdown menu options were falling under other content and were therefore, not actionable.


  1. Adjusted styling of the phone number error message on mobile devices for Team Registration
  2. Clarified error messaging on the user's profile page for phone numbers
  3. Updated the coding behind the copyright date so that it will automatically update to the current year.
  4. Admin-only - Improved readability of the "Withdraw" button


6/6/23 - 8.0 Version: Release Notes

New Features Added for All Products
New report showing the Batched transactions for customers using Stax. With the Stax as the payment processor, Stax will send over batch deposits based on a frequency the customer dictates. This report will show those deposits so that the accounting team can match them up to the bank statement.

screenshot of batch transaction report


Added functionality so that if a Stax installment payment fails, the system will automatically retry it.  Previously, if an installment payment was unable to be processed, nothing happened. An administrator would have to manually try to re-run it. Now, the system will automatically try to rerun it until it succeeds.

screenshot showing retried payment


New Features Added that Only Affect Engage Sports & Faith Enroll
Customizable form for the Participant in addition to the Account Holder. Example is a parent registering a child and needs to provide different information for the child than what would be asked during a parent/account creation form

Engage AMS & Engage Sports
Removed code that was visible on the My Team Registrations on the profile page

Engage Sports

  1. Fixed issue where changing a player to a different team with a different age group was also then changing that player’s default age group
  2. Resolved error on League Teams in the admin dashboard view
  3. Fixed issue where withdrawn volunteers were being added to a team
  4. Fixed issue where editing a team was updating the coach to the current user
  5. Fixed issue where age group question is turned on, but is not appearing during registration

All products

  1. 100% discount codes not working properly
  2. Error on Communication preferences on the profile page
  3. Sessions were being shown in the cart twice
  4. Cannot refund or manually pay an installment
  5. Pending Registrations could not be deleted
  6. Error when adding a new Participant

Engage AMS and Engage Sports

Team Registration - improved the responsive behavior of the terms & conditions on the receipt email based on screen size

Changed the style of the Broadcast upload file button to make it more readable

Faith Enroll
Updated wording across the site to be more specific to the religious education usage

All Products

  1. Improved layout of the credit card input box
  2. Created consistencies with phone number formatting
  3. Added horizontal scrollbars to the Dashboard grids
  4. Allowed for editing of sub-organizations
  5. Improved layout of input error messages on mobile
  6. Changed functionality so that while event registrations can be removed from the users’ cart, price adjustments and Work Duty Buyouts cannot be removed
  7. Updated styles and colors for alerts
  8. Updated layout for the Sessions step of the registration process
  9. Updated style of the radio buttons on Participant and Registration forms
  10. Updated display for the steps during the registration process
  11. Made it more clear when a field is required


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