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New Payment Options - Now Available

By Lynn Campbell on 10/18/2013

You may now configure an event to define a down payment amount as well as the number of payments over time. This feature is only available to customers using Stripe.  When you opt into installment payments you will set a required registration down payment and then configure the number of additional auto payments that will be made on a monthly basis until paid in full.

We have also added support for down payment only events. Customers pay an initial down payment to secure their spot.  The remainder of the event cost can be handled offline.


Lynn Campbell

As Founder & President of Engage Sports, I have been active in youth sports for 20+ years. Acting as head coach, board member, fundraising chair and strength & conditioning coach. This experience gives my direct insight to what it takes to run today's sports programs and allows me to not only partner with great people but advise them as well.


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