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What's new in release 4.1

By Engage Sports on 4/20/2015

version 4.1

Over the past few months, we've worked hard on improving our tools. Specifically, we've focused on those areas where a parent's mistake causes more work for everyone. In release 4.1, we're excited to announce that we've added the ability for a customer to transfer from one event to another. Should a parent register for the wrong event, they can now choose to transfer their registration to another event. This is a self-service feature, just like refunds.

Transfers, broadcast, reporting & more...

For how-to articles about the new tools, please visit our knowledge base. Highlights include:

  • Added ability to Transfer a participant registration from one event to another.
  • Added Profanity filtering to Broadcast messages.
  • Added new feature for Stripe customers to create a customer and retain credit card information for future incidental charges, such as deposits.
  • Modified the Work Duty Schedule By Person Report and Work Duty Schedule By Job reports to only show Scheduled jobs (not pending or cancelled)
  • Added to Broadcast the ability to send to everyone who has registered for an event - no longer requiring the use of roles for messaging.
  • Added settings to further configure how the edit participant control is displayed
  • Added the ability to change text on fields within participant registration
  • Modified reporting to allow for a customer-specific list of reports
  • Combined Reports and Registration Reports into one control
  • Expanded message size limitation for broadcast emails
  • Added portal name to refund emails
  • Upgraded to version 2.8 of Stripe to fix bug with credit card decline emails not going out.
  • Fixed issue where emails were being sent out about work duty cancellation during checkout process
  • Fixed bug where team was being updated incorrectly and teams not appearing in My Profile for coaches.
  • Fixed bug with competition levels not displaying for parent organizations
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